Customer Testimonials,

3 calls before I even received my freshly printed copy of the magazine!
BGM Landscapes.

Yes would be interested, we have already had 2 leads from the Big Red so that’s amazing. Thank you for thinking of us. Have a great weekend
Julie Roberts. Thomas & Co Mortgage Advice Ltd.

Big Red magazine has helped with the growth of the Business. Advert was designed for us, costs are very reasonable and always punctual with adverts, and the staff are professional and very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend to anyone.
CLIVE Hewitt. CWH Window Cleaning.

Kirkby house Hotel is a nine-bedroom hotel with a 45 seat Restaurant and public Bar. The Hotel is on a quiet side road in the village of Kirkby Mallory. Because of our location people call us the Hidden Gem. This very complimentary to the business buts highlights a greater problem - lack of visibility to potential customers. To raise our profile, we regularly advertise in the Big Red magazine. Big Red have been most helpful in advising on the type of advert that works best and the frequency of advertising. Big Red's demographic covers exactly the area we need to cover to attract new customers. We know when the magazine goes out because the phone rings! The service from Big Red has been excellent all round and I would highly recommend it to local businesses
Steven Richardson, Managing Director, Kirkby House Hotel

Advertised twice this year with the magazine and secured a £40,000 kitchen extension deal on the strength of it.
Premier Builders

It appears to be the only local magazine working for us Mike. We got over 20 responses last month.
Chris Clarke, Tinhatters, Concordia Theatre, Hinckley

Just calling to tell you we had a really good response to the LCC Time Banking Campaign. Excellent!
Lynne Brydon-Graham, Leicestershire County Council.

Decent response on that last ad Mike. I'll be honest I got 4 or 5 good leads on kitchens and bathrooms so that's a great result, thanks!
Interior Mode.

Just a brilliant job on all this Artwork, thanks Mike - ever thought about doing it for a living!
Leicester JuJitsu Centre.

New customers from Kirby Muxloe, Huncote and Croft, excellent response
Hair By Sharon.

Overwhelming response
Wab Spice 45 Restaurant.

The only magazine that works for us
Helen, Stanton Lakes.

February Advert worked well for us Trish. Thank you
Bindi, Earl Shilton Jewellers.

Hi Trish, Yes I did get a good response thanks. I would like you to put the add in again
Mary, Yoga Classes.

Hi Mike, I can tell you that due to us inserting the two advertisements in your magazine we have increased our membership by 24% to 144 . It has also generated some fantastic interest and I am so very grateful we went with your magazine. Thank you for all your help, the advertisement�s looked fabulous and I have mentioned your magazine and will continue to mention to others so fingers crossed they will spread the word too. Incidentally we also placed two advertisements in *** ****** magazine and the response was ZERO!
Lynne Brydon-Graham, Leicestershire County Council.

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